We offer multiple services

Pablo Cares for You

Polish and Shine

Leather shoes need regular polishes to keep them looking good and also to keep them protected.

Leather Conditioning

Leather will dry and crack over time in our environment. It's important to keep it conditioned to be supple and looking great.

Leather Restoration and Renewal

Don't buy a new coat when you can bring your old one back to life. You will be amazed at what Pablo can do.

Sole and Heel Replacements

Putting new soles and heels on your old shoes gives them new life!

Zipper Repair

Bring your broken zippers of any kind to Pablo for repair.

Cleaning and Stain Removal

It's very important to take care of any stain or soil to your leather quickly as it will set in deeper over time. Bring it to Pablo to save it.