Not just a shoe repair shop

100 years of family tradition

Taking care of your shoes is about more to us, it is how we honor family and the traditions we value most.

Someone you should know...

About Pablo

3rd generation shoe repair master

From his earliest years Pablo recalls assisting his father in the shoe repair shop.  It was natural for him to grow up to proudly continue the family tradition and business.  Many customers consider him a friend and his shop is a gathering place for the community and friends, come down and say hi to Pablo today



Keeping your quality leather items looking great so they last for many years is Pablo’s number 1 priority.

Shoe Repair

Don't throw away your favorite shoes! Pablo can repair almost anything and make it look great again. Shoes sometimes need new soles, heels, or stitching and more, bring them to Pablo.

Shoe Maintenance

Even if your shoes aren't damaged, wearing them frequently or even leaving them in the closet can leave them looking dry and dull, over time it can lead to cracking in the leather. You don't want to wear dull shoes! A treatment of conditioner and polish with a professional shine will keep them looking great.

Leather Repair and Restoration

Any type of leather products you have can be brought back to life and made to look like new again. Bring your purses, bags, luggage, coats or anything else you can think of to Pablo.

Shiny Shoes, Happy Clients


“People don’t take you seriously if you wear dirty shoes.  I only take mine to Pablo and he keeps them looking great! “

Dustin Rafferty

“I spend all day on my feet so I buy expensive shoes, I can’t throw them out every time they get damaged.  Pablo helps my shoes last for years”

Scott Krause

” Pablo made my Birkenstocks look brand new!  I couldn’t believe it.  Thank you Pablo!”

Lindu Chu

“My father died years ago. My pops had some amazing shoes from the disco era that needed some TLC.  Pablo made them look amazing, like new and changed the color of the leather!  Pablo is and artist!”

Karl Farr

How to care for your shoes

Your shoes are made of leather that is not too different from your own skin and requires some of the same considerations.  If leather is not cared for it will dry, dull, and crack.  Other parts of the shoe will also age and degrade such as soles, heels, glue, etc… Here are some treatments you can request from Pablo.

  • Polish and shine
  • leather conditioning
  • new soles and heels
  • cleaning and stain removal
  • zipper repair
  • and more...

Mon-Fri: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Sat : 11:00 am - 3:30 pm
Sunday: closed

5120 Montezuma Pl
San Diego, CA 92115

Call Pablo - 619-756-0599